Union Mill Union Mill, Cranbrook
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PLEASE NOTE: The KCC consultation has now CLOSED.

What happens now?
The report will be discussed by the KCC Cabinet 'Environment and Transport Committee' at its next session, either 7th March (if the report is ready) or 21st May

The report will be made public about a week before the committee meeting.

An independent media firm will analyse the roughly 2000 responses (that's about 1500 online and 500 on paper) and produce a report. This will take some weeks. You might be interested to know that this is the same firm which made the report after the previous KCC consultation about their Heritage Strategy but there were under 300 responses for that one.

Click HERE to read about the need for the consultation.

"Possibly the finest Windmill in the land"

Mill from Stone Street

Visit our 360º Interactive Virtual Tour by Visiting:
Hawkeye Aerial Media Tours
You'll need to scroll down to find it. Splendid tour - many thanks Darren.

Cranbrook Union Mill re-opened at Easter 2024.
Go to the Visit Us webpage to view our Public Open Days.

You can watch the mill working on YouTube

Wheels of Time
The Union Mill is part of the "Wheels of Time" scheme. Combine your visit to the windmill with one to Cranbrook Museum, also a member of the scheme and only a short walk away.

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